Kodomo no Jikan 2x1

Fourth Graders

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Aoki finds Rin sitting up in a tree. He tries to apologize for his earlier behavior. Rin shows off her new look, "low-rise", which is extremely revealing. Reiji unwillingly allows her to wear it. He walks her to school, trying to block other parents' view of her. He is accused of being a molester because of his close proximity to Rin's backside. Aoki and Reiji have a silent mental conversation threatening/accusing one another. Before leaving, Rin kisses Reiji good-bye, which makes Aoki (for reasons even he does not understand) jealous. Rin becomes the Class Representative. The day passes and Rin appears to be making a sincere effort to be a good Class Rep. Aoki asks her to have the class clean the backyard after class. When he enters his classroom after it is over, he notices that all the students backpacks are gone. He immediately misinterprets this as that they ditched the work. Aoki finally runs into Mimi and Kuro, who are cleaning the backyard. Rin realizes that he had no trust in her to complete the request he made and, sincerely hurt, she runs away. Aoki finds her up in the tree. After accepting Aoki's apology, she goes to climb down, slips, and falls revealing her body. Aoki is slapped for this, but forgiven as usual.
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