Oda Nobuna no Yabou / The Ambition of Oda Nobuna 1x11

The Retreat at Kanegasaki

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As the Asai/Asakura armies continue to chase after the remnants of Yoshiharu's forces, he mourns for the men who died for his sake but is convinced by Hanzō and Zenki to continue living. As he is cornered by Yoshitatsu near a cliff, Yoshiharu begs him to spare his men in exchange for his life which the former agrees. As Yoshitatsu is about to shoot him with his cannon, Jubei, Inuchiyo and Motoyasu arrive to save him only for Hanzō to blow up Yoshiharu with a bomb to save him the humiliation of being killed by the enemy. Angered by Yoshiharu's death, Jubei attacks but is blow off the cliff by Yoshitatsu's cannon. Meanwhile, Nobuna survived her assassination thanks to Yoshiharu's phone which stopped the bullet but remains unconscious while she dreams worrying about Yoshiharu. In order for Nobuna to live and wake up, she must accept Yoshiharu's death which Danjyou gives her a potion. In her dreams, Nobuna is marrying Yoshiharu with her friends and family attending only for it to end on his funeral which wakes her up. Upon learning about Yoshiharu's and Jubei's death and her armies are facing the Asai army outside Kyoto, she is convinced by Danjyou to live to avenge Yoshiharu and Jubei which Nobuna vows the Miyoshi Three and their allies will die much to Nagahide's shock. As a ruthless Nobuna and her armies forces the scared Asai army to retreat, she has Tennōji burned down to forced out the leaders of the Miyoshi Three which shocks Imai and Louis. With the Miyoshi Three and Asakura army hold up in Hiei temple, Nobuna plans to burn the area down but Nagahide and Katsuie are against it as Hiei is a religious area and burning it will turn the people against them. Tsuda is sent by Sakihisa with a message for Nobuna which he insults her over Yoshiharu's death and tells her go home or she and her retainers will die. Angered by Sakihisa's message, Nobuna orders her forces to attack which a reluctant Nagahide and Katsuie comply.
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