Oda Nobuna no Yabou / The Ambition of Oda Nobuna 1x4

Winds of Change! Okehazama!

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Nobuna fires Yoshiharu, blaming his actions that gave the Imagawas the chance to invade Owari. Yoshiharu becomes depress but Dōsan reveals to him the reason Nobuna fired him was because the people she cared had die and doesn't want the same fate happening to him. Encouraged by Dōsan to continue helping Nobuna, Yoshiharu heads out with his men, Goemon, Inuchiyo, Nobusumi and his female bodyguards to find Okehazama, where Yoshimoto's camp is located and where Nobunaga defeated the Imagawas in his timeline. After finding the camp, Nobusumi and his bodyguards distract Yoshimoto's men so that Yoshiharu can give the camp's location to his sister. However, Yoshiharu's entourage are confronted by ninjas lead by Hanzō Hattori. Despite the others holding them off, Hanzō captures Yoshiharu but the latter manages to convinces Hanzō to let him go as if Yoshimoto's is defeated, his master, Motoyasu Matsudaira, will no longer be a vassal of the Imagawa clan. Finally receiving Yoshiharu's intel, Nobuna and her army leads a surprise attack on Yoshimoto's camp. Due to rain and her men drunk due to Nobusumi, Yoshimoto's men are caught off guard and easily defeated by the Oda army. Katsuie is about to kill Yoshimoto but Yoshiharu stops her by groping her breasts as Yoshimoto is a cute girl. After Yoshiharu charms her, Yoshimoto agrees to surrender, ending the war. Nobuna thanks Yoshiharu for his help but also punishes him on what he did with Katsuie and Yoshimoto.
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