Persona 4 The Animation 1x18

Anniversary to Become a Family

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At the Dojima househould, Dojima has made coffee for the family, something he has done since before his wife passed away, when he suddenly gets a call from Adachi that there has been an accident. He leaves them, even though Nanako has just asked him to read her a bedtime story. In the patrol car, Adachi comments on how the accident was at the Samegawa flood plains, the and the case is similar to that of Dojima's wife's death. The next day, Yu accidentally cuts himself while preparing lunch, and while looking for a bandage he comes across a photo Dojima, Nanako, and her mother. Nanako says that Dojima hid all the photos of her mother after she passed away and wonders if she can keep the photo; Yu promises to ask Dojima if she can.
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