Persona 4 The Animation 1x24

The World is Full of Shit

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Teddie is in the Velvet Room where he reveals that he has discovered he is only a Shadow, but one that has acquired human emotions. He asks Yu to say goodbye to Nanako for him when he goes to Heaven, but Yu speaks to him and tells him Nanako is alive and well. At the Aiya diner, Naoto realizes the culprit must be someone close to them and thinks to bring it up to the group, but Yu plans on going to the hospital. Yosuke accompanies him, but first tells Yu that he is upset that he is both jealous and proud of how Yu has made friends, despite being from the city like him and getting his Persona. He then says the only way he will feel better is if they become equals if they had a fight, to let out all of their pent up emotions. At the diner, Naoto has just revealed her suspect to the others, and Yukiko remembers seeing him at the inn while Mayumi Yamano was staying there, and Chie determines that he would have also spoken to Saki Konishi.
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