Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 1x2

The Sage's Reward

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In his powerful state known as 'Phi-Brain', Kaito manages to solve the puzzle, allowing them both to escape the ruins. Later, Kaito becomes annoyed by a puzzle solver named Gammon Sakanoue, who carries the title 'Galilleo'. As Kaito receives a request to solve another puzzle, Gammon tries to claim it for himself and ends up joining Kaito and Nonoha. The puzzle in question is a life-sized sliding puzzle in which the player must get their car out of the puzzle within a time limit before it is crushed by a falling truck. As Gammon nearly completes the puzzle, the puzzle giver cuts off the ability to move the car they are in, supposedly leaving them with no solution. However, Kaito once again enters his Phi-Brain state and manages to use the other vechiles in the puzzle to push their car out of the way before they are crushed.
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