Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 1x6

Restoration Towards the Light

  • HqqRo SUB - Full HD
Kaito is still tormented by his memories and unable to solve puzzles. Cubic researches into the Orpheus bangle, theorizing Kaito's breakdown was a result of his brain power being completely controlled by emotions. He advises Kaito to not solve anymore puzzles, as another breakdown could put his life in danger. However, because of a promise he made when he was younger, Kaito can't let puzzles go and accepts another puzzle request from the POG. Kaito soon comes across a complex Kenja Puzzle with Gammon and Nonoha's lives at stake. As Kaito goes through another breakdown, he remembers his promise and manages to regain his puzzle solving skills and solve the puzzle.
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25m 2011 97 vizionari

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