Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 2x23

God's Miscalculation

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Souji returns having been to Crossfield Academy where he retrieved a diary from someone who used to be in the Orpheus Order. It details how the Orpheus Order was changed when Klondike decided to have the Orpheus Ring examined in order to make replicas. The first prototype ring was worn by the diary's owner, a woman named Solitia, who is revealed to be Freecell's mother. Believing the rings to be dangerous, Solitia fled the Orpheus Order with Freecell, chronicalling the effects the ring had on her in her diary, which she was unable to give to Freecell before she passed away. As Kaito becomes determined to rescue Freecell from his fate, the POG and ex-Orpheus Order members instigate a plan to stop Klondike and destroy the Final Ring. Hacking the elevators, the POG manage to bring Klondike, Whist and Melancholy to a dead end, where they are confronted by Doubt and Pinochle. However, Klondike manages to foresee this and escape to the roof where Freecell awaits, demonstrating a power that frightens Melancholy to the point of her Orpheus Ring breaking. After Freecell manages to overwhelm Klondike somehow, he heads off on a helicopter, leaving a message to Kaito to meet him at the location of God's Puzzle.
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