Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 2x25

Release the Infinite Puzzle!

  • HqqRo SUB - Full HD
Kaito and Freecell begin the puzzle in which Kaito must use clues to chase down Freecell. As they constantly try to outwit each other, their brain levels increase and they soon start running in circles without end. As they both start to reach their limits, Nonoha calls out to Kaito and snaps him out of it, allowing him to end the eternal loop and solve the puzzle. Despite the puzzle being solved, Freecell remains soulless as his ring is still active. Remembering Freecell's original promise with him, Nonoha gets Kaito to help Freecell finally solve his mother's pendant, allowing him to break free of the ring and return to normal. As Freecell and the others return to Crossfield Academy, Kaito and the gang resume their duty of releasing the Fool's Puzzles.
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25m 2012 93 vizionari

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