Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 2x4

Night of the Knights

  • HqqRo SUB - Full HD
During the night, the members of the Orpheus Order meetup to receive a message from their leader, Klondike. Meanwhile, as Cubic deduces the recent Orpheus Rings are modernized replicas, Gammon discovers spots Miharu with an Orpheus Ring and confiscates it from her, along with a note directing Kaito and co to a stadium. There, they find the Orpheus Order, who reveal they are using the replicas to collect date for building an authentic ring so they can distribute it across the globe. The Order's secretary, Hoist, then pits Kaito, Gammon, Cubic and Ana in a puzzle match against the Order's Pinochle, Mizerka, Doubt and Melancholy, revealed to all possess authentic Orpheus Bangles, with the losing team becoming electrocuted. In a puzzle to gain the most colored squares, Kaito manages to set things up for Gammon to bring things to a tie so no one gets electrocuted.
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