Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 3x9

Let's Go, To That Place

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Baron, Souji, Rook, Bishop, Raetsel, and Jin are all called up to meet up with Enigma to discuss Jin. Enigma talks about how Jin first met Raetsel, noticing her skills in crafting puzzles, and took her on his journey to protect her from organizations like the POG. When Raetsel discovered Jin was going up against Fools' Puzzles, she believed he was suffering alone and resolved to help him. Eventually Jin left Raetsel to go up against Count Pythagaras, where he lost his memories. Enigma claims that Jin told him to assemble Master Brains and annihilate all puzzlers should something happen to him, though Souji remains suspicious about whether Enigma has his own agenda against puzzles. Meanwhile, Raetsel states Jin told her she could abandon puzzles should she choose, which Jin does recall saying. Afterwards, Rook and Souji believe there may be clues in God's Puzzle and God's Scripture on how to restore Jin's memories. Meanwhile, Baron questions Jin on what he told Raetsel, since it contradicted what he once said to Kaito, which Jin suspects may pertain to something Kaito has that Raetsel doesn't. Raetsel, who had overheard them, remains in denial and takes Jin for herself, challenging Kaito to try and find them.
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