Princess Tutu 1x10

Act 10 - Chapter of the Egg: Cinderella ~ Aschenbrödel: Walzer-Coda

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Kraehe retreats for the moment, and Fakir lunges at Princess Tutu with a shard of glass, missing but cutting the chain of her pendant. Princess Tutu turns into a duck, and by the time she realizes the pendant is missing, it is gone. She searches for it all night and finds that Fakir is keeping it. She spends the next day trying to get it back, finally succeeding at dusk. Meanwhile the audience learns that Fakir is an orphan, and his adoptive father a swordsmith. Fakir tells his father that he has realized he is the reincarnation of the knight from the story the Prince and the Raven, but is afraid because it is the knight's fate to die, torn in half by the raven. Duck sees that Fakir's father is possessed by the heart shard of regret, and goes to recover it. Now free of regret, Fakir's father gives the knight's sword to Fakir and tells him to follow his heart. When returning to the school, Fakir sees Duck and notices the pendant she is wearing, and realizes that she is Princess Tutu.
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