Princess Tutu 1x12

Act 12 - Chapter of the Egg: Banquet of Darkness ~ Scheherazade

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Kraehe and Mytho have vanished. Princess Tutu helps Fakir back to his dorm and binds his wounds, and when he wakes up they decide to search together for Mytho, though Fakir still refuses to team up with Duck. They search everywhere but find nothing, until they happen upon Edel, who shows them the way. In the passage, Duck is so clumsy that Fakir wonders if she and Tutu can even be the same person. She trips and he moves to save her, and they both ending up falling down a deep hole. Duck reveals to him that she is actually a duck and transforms to find a way to get out. Together, Duck and Fakir go to where the final stage has been set.
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