Princess Tutu 1x8

Act 8 - Chapter of the Egg: The Fountain of Warriors ~ Fantasie-Overtüre zu "Romeo und Julia"

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Rue wakes up and cannot remember what happened the night before. She finds Mytho's heart shard in one of her drawers. It questions her and asks her who she really is, but she is unable to answer. Duck ponders whether or not to tell Mytho she is Princess Tutu. Mytho defies Fakir, who, realizing he can no longer control Mytho, retrieves the sword of the prince to break Mytho's heart into pieces again. Kraehe (an unwitting Rue) appears and tries to steal Mytho from Princess Tutu, and then Fakir appears and tries to break Mytho's heart. Princess Tutu is able to stop him, and she also returns the heart shard of curiosity. However, she despairs of Mytho finding out she is in reality just a duck.
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