Princess Tutu 1x9

Act 9 - Chapter of the Egg: Black Shoes ~ Bilder einer Ausstellung: Alten Schloß

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Fakir, having failed to shatter Mytho's heart, wonders what he should do: should he give up, especially now since Mytho wants to restore his heart? Rue has her own demons to deal with, as she tries to convince herself that there is only one of her. But Rue does not want Mytho to change, so she decides to accept her role as Kraehe. Duck finds another piece of Mytho's heart, devotion, possessing a student artist. Princess Tutu removes the heart shard, but Kraehe appears and takes it from her. Mytho comes and Kraehe's resolve wavers when the one she loves stands against her, giving Princess Tutu enough time to restore the heart shard.
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