Robotics Notes 1x11

The Flag Has Been Cleared

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As Kona becomes intrigued by rumors of Gunvarrel's last episode being leaked, she and Kaito go to solve the conditions for unlocked Kimijima's 3rd report, finding the tasks pretty tedious. As Kaito manages to beat the Kill-Ballad cheater whilst passing the time, Kona gets infected with a virus whilst trying to analyse the data. Later that night, Kaito tries to get information about Kimijima out of Mizuka, whilst Misa is sent by her higher-ups to investigate Kimijima's reports. The next day, after the gang use Kanna to record motions for the GunPro-2, Kaito and Kona manage to unlock the third report, which talks about plans to use a magnetic storm to destroy mankind, mentioning Misa's Exoskeleton company as being part of it. Upon arriving back home, Kona learns that the top three ranked Kill Ballad players had in fact died in their homes half a year ago.
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