Robotics Notes 1x13

What a Mad World

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As the group celebrate Nae's birthday whilst figuring out how to make GunPro-2 move, Kona has remained confined in her apartment for several months. As Akiho and Subaru task Doc with making a motor from the monopole they found, Kaito tries to make sense of the fourth report, which details a purported robot rebellion. As Kaito goes to Kona for help with programming the motor, she reveals there were subliminal images in the leaked Gunvarrel episode hiding a password for a site made by Kona's mother, revealing a message mentioning solar flares and something called Project Atom. Afterwards, Kaito unlocks the fifth report, predicting the extinction of mankind. Despite narrowly avoiding an explosion, Doc succeeds in cutting the monopole in half. Just then, a solar flare hits the Kanto region, causing robots to run amock and attack people. Meanwhile, Kona discovers someone has hacked her TwiPo account, framing her for the robot attacks.
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