Robotics Notes 1x14

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As the robots continue to run rampant in Tokyo, Kona explains to Kaito that the login to their control panel has been altered by the hackers to require they defeat a Kill-Ballad CPU opponent. Struggling to beat the opponent, Kaito decides to try and force his slow-mo by pushing his body to its limits, but to no avail. Kona soon founds out the person behind the hack was one of the members from her development circle, Maguyan, who claims he was forced to do it as his family was taken hostage. Kaito soon realises that Maguyan has in fact been brainwashed. As Kona hears the support of her friends from the Robotics Club, she explains how she created Kill-Ballad to keep Gunvarrel, and her mother's memories, alive. As the police show at Kona's doorstep, Akiho, Junna and Subaru help lure them away, buying Kaito and Kona some time to beat the Kill-Ballad opponent.
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