Robotics Notes 1x15

I'll Show You a Dream

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As solar flares start affecting computers, people besides Kaito and his group become able to see Airi, who has begun acting weird lately. A planned maintenance on the Iro-O system that could potentially erase Airi means that Kaito needs to fulfill the conditions for the sixth report before Christmas Eve. After Kaito unlocks the sixth report, Airi states that she wants to go to Kimijima's house for her birthday on Christmas Eve. There, Kaito discovers a machine in his basement containing Airi's original human body. Airi explains how she was cursed with an incurable affliction and always spent her days bedridden, hoping for a White Christmas. She soon met Kimijima, who let her see the world through the Iro-O system. As Airi's condition worsened, Kimijima put Airi into a deep sleep in order to wait for a cure and created the program Airi to keep her company.
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