Robotics Notes 1x16

I Love Giant Robots!

  • HqqRo SUB - Full HD
The gang complete the construction of the GunPro-2, using the monopole motors and a laser-activated fuelling system, and successfully put it through its first activation test. Shortly afterwards, though, Nae informs the group that they will be unable to use JAXA for a week as there are plans to launch a rocket. Whilst Kaito goes off to search for Kikijima's next report, the others run more tests on the GunPro-2, where Junna notices something odd about its walk cycle. As Subaru runs alongside it to figure out what is wrong, a sudden gust of wind sends the robot toppling towards him. Meanwhile, as Kaito finds the location of the seventh report, Mizuka confronts him, warning him not to pursue the reports. Just then, Kagome Kagome once again plays on their Pokecoms and a strange noise plays upon Mizuka answering it, causing her robotic legs to go out of control and work her towards a cliff edge.
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