Robotics Notes 1x6

It's So Sad When a Dream Ends

  • HqqRo SUB - Full HD
As Kanna pops by the Robotics Club and agrees to join, Kaito recalls what Mizuka told him about how Akiho's sister, Misaki, was allegedly friends with Airi. As Kaito once again visits Airi later that night to hear more details, including how Kimijima created her, he follows a strange noise to an underground room, where he finds an EGI device used to send noises to outer space. As Kaito tries to find more from Airi's 'Sister Centipede' mode, he learns that Kimijima was murdered by someone. After enough hassling from Subaru, Kona decides to join the Robotics Club, agreeing to help him with his controls if Kaito helps to find a cheater running amok in Kill Ballad. Kona manages to complete the program in a few days whilst Kanna helps Akiho secure a sponsorship for their robot. As they practise the controls, Subaru is approached by his father, who doesn't take kindly to him taking up robots again.
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