Suzuka 1x12


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When Yamato hears a knock on his door, he opens it to find the newspaper girl again, only this time, she’s working for a TV company and offers him her “last” two tickets to the pool. Yamato, realizing she’s using the same trick as last time, tells her that she most likely has more. She ends up giving him the two tickets for free, and tells him to ask out his girl. The next day at school, Honoka asks Yamato to the pool; evidently, she also got tickets from the TV girl. However, she fails horribly at asking in secret, and Miki hears and asks almost everyone else, including Suzuka, to the pool. Yamato, excited, believes this is a chance to get close to her. Meanwhile, Honoka is trying to get closer to Yamato using the same method.
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