Suzuka 1x15


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While they sit stranded in Hiroshima, Suzuka asks Yamato about his relationship with Honoka. Yamato responds happily until Suzuka gets angry and stops him. When Yamato's father comes to pick them up, he refuses to let Suzuka stay by herself at a hotel, bringing her home with them. Suzuka meets Yamato's family. Wanting to impress Suzuka, Yamato asks her to stay another night and see the fireflies. She declines, and when Yamato gets upset at her coldness, she says he is incomprehensible, and being nice to the wrong person. After hearing Yamato on the phone with Honoka, Suzuka changes her mind, and decides to see the fireflies. When they arrive at the bridge, there are no fireflies in sight. Yamato reveals he went there to confess to someone before, with the same result. After being laughed at by Suzuka, he says he is prouder of the confession he made to her. She urges him to show his planned confession. He finds a firefly and puts it into a bellflower, causing the bellflower to glow. Suzuka is touched and accepts his confession. When he reacts seriously to this, she says she was only joking.
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