True Tears 1x10

I'll Do Everything Properly

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Shinichirō hears from Miyokichi that he broke up with Aiko, even though he did not want to accept it at first. Miyokichi goes to Noe to try to get her to put a curse on him so that he does not fall in love with anyone again. Now that Hiromi knows she and Shinichirō are not siblings, she grows happier at home, and goes to see Jun to break off her relationship with him, but he does not want that. Aiko finally gets over the fact that Shinichirō does not think of her in a romantic way and tells him that she is moving on from him. Hiromi decides to move out of Shinichirō's house, and as she is driven away in the moving truck, Shinichirō gets on his bike and races after her. When he finally catches up, Shinichirō slips and falls off the bike; the driver stops the truck and Hiromi runs out towards Shinichirō but trips and falls onto him. Shinichirō tells her that he will do everything properly from now on.
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