True Tears 1x11

I'm Not the Person You Like

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It has been a week since Hiromi moved out and in the meantime has settled into single living. Miyokichi gets a call from Aiko, and the two decide to start over from the beginning as friends. During a basketball match where Hiromi is getting purposely fouled by the other team, Jun comes into the match and asks the opposing team what was the meaning of their behavior, which sparks interest from spectators. Hiromi meets with Jun in the park where he apologizes for what happened during the game. Hiromi once again tries to break it off with him, but he still does not want to. Noe does not come back home at night, and Jun calls Hiromi to tell Shinichirō about it, and he leaves to look for her. Shinichirō finds her at the beach with the chicken Jibeta.
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