True Tears 1x8

The Town Where It Doesn't Snow

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After asking Noe out, Shinichirō tells her about his picture book that he is making about the rooster Raigomaru. Aiko cannot get over what happened with her and Shinichirō. Noe's brother goes out on a date with Hiromi, and she finds out the true reason why Shinichirō is going out with Noe and also why she is going out with Noe's brother. Hiromi cuts her date short after she speaks her mind to Noe, though she realizes that she acted liked Shinichirō's mother since she shows resentment towards Noe. She asks Noe's brother to give her a ride to a "town where it does not snow" in order to get away from things.
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30m 2008 40 vizionari

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