Zero no Tsukaima / The Familiar of Zero 3x11

Captive in Alhambra

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Using her talents at persuasion, Kirche discover that Tabitha is being held in Al Hambra. Upon arriving in Al Hambra, the gang decide upon a plan of attack. Under the pretext of having a show, they will make the soldiers drink alcohol laced with sleeping potion. When Kirche doesn't assign anything to Louise, she gets angry and demands to be given something to do. Kirche reveals that she knows the Louise is a void mage, and apologises for her past behaivor, and invites her over to Germania. Later on, Derflinger advises Saito to say something to her, saying that Void magic is dependant on emotional strength. Saito decides to do so, and finds her posing in front of a mirror in a dancing costume. Louise begins to tempt Saito, and Saito pushes her onto the bed, but they are interrupted by Guiche. In Tristan, Agnes frees Colbert. She saids that she cannot forgive him for burning her village, but has a chance to end the cycle of hatred that would erupt should she kill Colbert. Back in Al Hambra, the Baron wants Louise to attend to him personally, and she agrees, planning to drug his wine, but discovers that the sleeping potion slipped out of her bra. Saito and Tifa discovers the bottle and go to rescue Louise, Tifa using her magic to wipe the Baron's memories. Having drugged all the soldiers, they encounter Bidashal, who easily defeats all their attacks using Counter. Derflinger tells Louise to cast Dispell on him, which she does, allowing Saito to break through Bidashal's Counter. Tifa stops Saito from killing Bidashal, who tells them where Tabitha is and lets them go, and warns them that Joseph is a cold blooded man, and that it wouldn't end there. Tabitha is awakened by Slyphid, and cries upon seeing the gang, even as Sheffield spies on them using her butterfly.
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