Zero no Tsukaima / The Familiar of Zero 3x6

The Taboo Magical Potion

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It starts off with Siesta at the imp cafe with her uncle and cousin, Jessica, telling her to try harder at getting Saito, eventually giving her a love potion. After the credits, it goes to Saito and Louise’s room where Siesta is cleaning and contemplating using the potion on Saito when Louise comes in dragging Saito who is tied up behind. This causes a fight between Louise and Siesta about the treatment of Saito. Finally, Siesta who believes that she can take better care of Saito than Louise is allowed one hour for that purpose. When the two of them get to Siesta's house she decides they should play newlyweds but after several chances she finally decides to use the potion only to drop it out the window where it is found by Montmorency who imeadietly identifies it as a love potion but accidentally inhales it and the first person she looks at is Louise who has come to check up on Saito, but after Montmorency kisses her it is discovered the potion is more like a virus and it is eventually left for Tiffania to sort out. Tiffania uses a long-forgotten spell to wipe the memories of all those affected by the charm, and Montmorency forgives Siesta for causing the mess, reminding her not to do it again. Tabitha is later confronted by Sheffield, who attempts to sway the young girl by tempting her with promises to save the former's mother.
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